We supply compliant technology solutions to licensed and professional businesses

Regulatory Secure & Compliant

Are your company IT/Data practices in compliance with your industry? If not, you run the risk of a fine, lawsuit or disciplinary proceedings. Contact us to get a solution in place for your specific industry. HIPAA, FIINRA, SEC, CPA, Attorney, Insurance, Finance, etc.

Sustainably Financed: Free to the Client

Using a combination of green tax credits and Solar Tax Equity, we can oftentimes provide the budget for an entirely customized IT upgrade with no out of pocket expense. Contact us to see if your company qualifies or see our section on sustainable compliance.

Encrypted Cloud Data

We strive to use the latest in encrypted data technologies. Through constant updates, we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting the integrity of our clients and their data. When you work with us you know that you are working with a solution that meets or exceeds industry standards.

Secure Communications

We strive to maintain the security of our clients and at the same time provide value. We offer a secure file transmission and receipt system that will meet your regulatory standards for secure communications. Stay in touch with your client's and colleagues, but stay secure.

Data Archiving

Data archiving that meets regulatory standards for emails, legal records, financial records, medical records, clean virtual deal rooms, as well as other types of documents and data. With built-in document management functions, we provide a compliant yet efficient solution.

Cyber Security

We seek to assess threats and weaknesses in our client's IT operations before an unauthorized security breach occurs. We deploy the latest in cyber-security technology and seek to stop viruses, malware and trojan horses prior to entering your network and corrupting your data.

Secure. Compliant. Sustainable.

We work hard to keep you compliant and profitable. In many cases we can use Green Tax Credits and Solar Tax Equity to pay for the acquisition and installation of compliant technologies to your company, with no out of pocket expenses to you. Contact Us to see if you qualify. Limited supply.

We can provide your entire compliance upgrade for FREE including brand new IT hardware and software (software comes with 36 months of paid subscriptions). This is a top of the line, custom upgrade with brand new technology, designed by our technology team and your internal management. In order to qualify the company participates with our Nonprofit charity in our Global Solar Initiative via Solar Tax Equity. These programs are designed to reduce Federal Income Tax bills by 10% for the previous 3 years and for the next 3 years going forward. This 10% dollar amount saved gets donated to our sponsored amateur sports charity, the World Sports Alliance (USA). We use these funds to implement your complete state-of-the-art technology solution and any amounts left over from the 10%, after your IT upgrade, are counted as a donation to the World Sports Alliance (USA), a Nonprofit Corporation. Your company receives a Nonprofit Tax Deduction for the net amount received by the World Sports Alliance and your business gets the financial benefit of the tax write off. A true Win-Win!

Don't wait for a regulatory event or cyber-breach to strike you!
Get compliant now. See if you qualify for a free IT upgrade.