Sustainable Financing

Sustainable financing might mean free IT upgrades for your business

Free IT Upgrades

Receive a state of the art IT makeover with full hardware, software and compliance features. We can deploy a robust, secure, web based system with state-of-the art features, all at no cost to your business. Green Tax Credits provide the budget.

Sustainable Friendly

Working with us will increase sustainability. We exist in full support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We can assist in documenting sustainable development efforts for EDGAR/XBRL reporting, as well as the Sustainable Development Index.

Sustainable Analysis

Approaching sustainability from a technology standpoint makes sense. We do an analysis of your organization to ensure compliant procedures and to determine best practices for the sustainable development of your organization.

Turn-key Solutions

Our custom solutions are designed with your business workflow in mind. We integrate effortlessly with existing IT Ops and spend time with your company's management to design state-of-the-art solutions that work seamlessly with your existing operations.

Profit for upgrading

Free IT hardware and software is instant profit, but it goes beyond that. The efficiencies gained in your business through the use of your new IT solutions and equipment will assist your workflow and lead to a noticeable increase in profits.

Global Community

Through your commitment to sustainable practices, you are eligible to partner with our network. Your participation supports the solar industry and the World Sports Alliance (USA), in furtherance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Being Green equals profits.

We pay you to upgrade your technology equipment, hardware, software and compliance! Find out how our technology solutions combined with sustainable financing can help your firm meet its compliance needs and profit goals. Oh yeah, and your company helps save the planet too.

So where's the catch? Our installation comes with 12 months of pre-paid support and 24 months of pre-paid software licensing subscription fees. We only use best-in-class technologies and all of your hardware and equipment comes with standard manufacturers warranties. We exist in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and part of our commitment involves sponsoring international youth sports. The World Sports Alliance (USA), has been donated billions of dollars in Green Tax Credits, specifically Solar Tax Equity. These tax equities may be used to reduce Federal Income Tax bills by 10% for the prior 3 years and the next 3 years going forward. By applying Solar Tax Equity, your tax bill could be reduced by 10% for a total of 6 years. By agreeing to donate this amount to the WSA, for qualifying clients, we are then able to design and implement your compliant and sustainable technology solutions with no out of pocket expenses to you. Any unused balance from your tax reduction is considered a donation to the World Sports Alliance (USA), a Nonprofit Corporation and you will receive a tax deductible receipt for all amounts WSA receives from your donation, less the cost of your IT installation. We do ask for any consulting fees to be covered during the design phase, which are fully refundable upon installation of your upgraded IT system. This is a limited offer subject to availability from the WSA.

Don't wait for a regulatory event or cyber-breach to strike you!
Get compliant now. See if you qualify for a free IT upgrade.