Webcentric Selling

Our company has its DNA rooted in management consulting, with an emphasis on Sales Training. We understand the need for effective sales tools that have a return on investment and that can be deployed effectively. We can advise on many off-the-shelf software sales solutions or are happy to help you build a custom solution.

Workflow Management

Never miss another deal! Integrate your workflow to include your hard earned leads with follow up and deadlines. Schedule your time and manage your deal flow throughout the sales cycle for maximum output and ease of convenience by committing to cloud solutions. Work in the office or on the go and become more profitable through technology.

Sales to Accounting

The benefits of running your operation with a near real time understanding of the financial picture with projections can be invaluable to company planning. We integrate a solution for your sales team that integrates best-practices for ensuring that your financial dept. is aware of not just closed business, but projected revenues or potential chargebacks.

Compliance Inside

By making compliance part of the workflow, documenting your company's compliance procedures with due dates and checklists is automatic. Encryption and data archiving are included in our sales solutions. Implementation of cloud based analytics with your sales solution helps to identify and alert your compliance dept. to issues early on.

Don't wait for a regulatory event or cyber-breach to strike you!
Get compliant now. See if you qualify for a free IT upgrade.